Advancing technology has made the internet an integral part of our lives. The importance of the internet is now inevitable and one cannot imagine a flourishing life without it. But the ease which it has provided also has many errors and issues. These errors may occur when the proper format or program encounters a problem. One of the most common errors which occur is when a user tries connecting to an internet with through insecure connections is the one which displays your connection is not private.  It is an alarming signal as the content that is done using the internet is personal and any error can lead to leakage of the sensitive information.


Your connection is not private error

The error of your connection is not private arises due to the insecure connection of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) between the server and your system. SSL is a method which is used encrypts data and it acts as a standard security protocol between the web server and a browser. It can also occur when web pages are opened which starts with https and not HTTP. The error pertains to sites that run only over HTTPS.


If the browser finds that the certificate is not valid so it prevents us to reach that website. The people who are trying to attack your system want to steal information such as passwords, messages, and various bank information. It occurs in Google Chrome browser cannot verify the SSL certificate.


Causes behind SSL error

There are many reasons behind the SSL errors but the following are the major reasons:

  • The SSL connection between the computer and the server is not secured.
  • The SSL certificate has expired.
  • The certificate is set up in a wrong way and does not belong to the respective domain
  • The SSL certificate is not issued by a trusted organization


Ways to fix your connection is not private

There are multiple ways to rectify the error of your connection is not private. Some of them are as follows:

  • Check the date and time

Wrong date and time on the computer prevent the chrome browser to verify the SSL certificate. Updating the date and time will solve the problem.

  • Check firewall and antivirus software

Few antiviruses block the SSL certificates and connections for security purposes. By turning off the https scan feature in the antivirus and firewall software, this error can be removed.

  • Disable the warning message to detour the error

Just turn off the option of this error being popped up in the browser.

  • Proceed with an insecure connection

If the error cannot be removed as it is a website error then we can proceed in the unsafe mode.

  • Ignore the SSL certificate error from chrome shortcut

It won’t fix the problem permanently but it can make the warnings related to SSL may disappear for good.

  • Clear the cache of chrome and cookies

Because of storage of site cookies or not clearing them since long, may result in your connection is not private error. To delete this go to the chrome settings from going to three dots vertical menu and then clear the browsing history in advanced settings.

  • Fix your connection is not the private error in the Android and other devices

Resetting or even reinstalling Google Chrome is helpful but should be considered in the end when no other option is working.

  • Open in incognito mode

The incognito mode will open the pages which were not being able to load because of some extensions.

  • Try reloading the page a few times

This is one of the easiest ways to fix your connection is not a private issue. Close and reopen your browser. The reissuing of SSL certificate may be the reason behind it and reloading the age again solves it.

  • Change DNS Servers

Make sure the option to Obtain DNS server automatically is selected. Defaulting back to the DNS server also fixes the error.

  • Run SSL server test

The main SSL/TLS certificates need to be set properly.  A tool named Qualys SSL Labs. It is reliable and it shows all the configuration of SSL/TLS.

  • Restart the computer

Rebooting the devices clears all the temporary cache and hiccups. This can be the last option to remove your connection is not private error.


The above-mentioned points can easily rectify the error of your connection is not private. Following any one of the above may easily result in fixation of the error and smooth running of the browsers. These methods are easy to implement and gives instant results. These are some simple yet powerful methods to protect the content and your privacy from attackers who try interfering in the connection using unethical means.