In basic terms, there are two kinds of web hosting: shared and VPS (virtual private server). But when it comes to VPS hosting, there are different ways to go about it. A KVM (kernel-based virtual machine) Linux virtual server gives your website the most power, reliability, and flexibility.

What is VPS hosting?

VPS hosting means that your website doesn’t share a server with other websites. The greatest advantages to using a VPS are isolation and customization.

For businesses who count on reliability for revenue and reputation, VPS hosting is the best option.

What is a Linux virtual server?

Linux is a highly customizable, open source operating system. A Linux virtual server is built on a group of real servers.

What is a KVM Linux virtual server?

KVM stands for kernel-based virtual machine. With this kind of Linux virtual server, the KVM is a VPS that sits on top of a physical dedicated server. Resources are dedicated to the KVM VPS. They are not shared with other users on the physical device. This offers tremendous reliability and performance.

Why You Should Choose KVM Linux VPS Hosting

There are four major considerations when choosing a type of hosting service:

  • Security
  • Configurability
  • Performance
  • Price

Taking these factors into account, KVM Linux VPS hosting is a sound choice for most growing and established businesses.


When your website doesn’t need to share resources you are better able to protect it from malware and cyber attacks.

Linux is known as a highly secure operating system. It is far less prone to viruses, hackers, and other security issues compared to other operating systems. Combine that with the security of VPS and you dramatically reduce the risk of harm to your website.


One size fits all is fine for small and new businesses getting off the ground. For large and growing businesses, being able to configure the server can be critical.

With a KVM Linux virtual server, you can configure any aspect of your site to meet your needs. Examples include page loading rules, the installation of any kind of software, and the addition of unique scripts to protect passwords and customer e-commerce data.


Using a KVM Linux VPS makes maintaining high-performance standards easy. A load balancer assigns computing resources within the VPS to optimize performance — all within split seconds.

This can be critical to your marketing efforts and bottom line since Google incorporates site speed into its ranking algorithms.


Like any shared service, the cost of shared hosting is lower than any other option. The trade off? No customization can lead to greater risk of security and performance issues.

If your business needs show that VPS hosting is the best option, it’s important to understand pricing. The major aspects that will affect price are number of cores, bandwidth, RAM and disc space. Generally, the price of KVM Linux virtual server hosting is commensurate with the power, flexibility, and security gained.

Not sure what kind of hosting service is right for your business? Let us help.