Did you know that by 2018 the market for cloud equipment will $79.1 billion?

Cloud hosting is becoming the go to for businesses and their websites.

If you are still on the fence about this option, we will be able to help.

Read on to see why cloud hosting is your best bet for your website.

Why cloud hosting works: It’s faster

If you’ve ever gone to a website and noticed it’s slow, you may have blamed your internet connection.

However, this isn’t the case.

Some websites simply aren’t fast enough because of the server they’re running on. Generally, they are run on dedicated physical servers.

Websites hosted on the cloud are run on several servers instead of just one. This is why they run faster.

If website traffic suddenly increases, the cloud will be able to adapt to your needs automatically. This is known as “scaling.”

Your website won’t experience any issues if your website traffic suddenly surges.

Cloud hosting means less work for you

You may be used to relying on IT specialists to come out to your local server and fix your website.

This isn’t necessary with cloud hosting.

Your external cloud hosting company will be able to assist you with any issues that may arise. This means that your site won’t be down for long periods of time.

This can also save you tons of money that would generally be spent on IT resources.

With many cloud hosting companies, you will have IT support around the clock. So you’ll always have someone available to help you and your website.

Another added bonus: cloud hosting providers will monitor your systems constantly so they’ll see something that needs to be fixed before it crashes.

Cloud hosting is more reliable

If you are hosting your website on your own local server, you may experience times when your website is down.

The fact that this can be addressed immediately is why cloud hosting is better for you.

Should a server fail, your cloud hosting provider will be able to immediately get your site back up and running.

This is because most cloud hosting providers keep several copies stored in separate places. So if one copy is down, another one can be pulled up quickly.

Dedicated servers don’t have the ability to do this. If you are using a dedicated server, you’ll have to wait for your server to be repaired.


If you’ve spent a lot of time and money on your website, you want to make sure it’s running smoothly. Especially if you are running a business.

But how can you ensure that you won’t experience any pitfalls?

You can enroll with a cloud hosting provider.

The provider will be able to ensure that your website is always up and running, no matter the hardware failures you may experience.

You’ll also have 24/7 technical support so you’ll never have to figure things out yourself or reach out to an IT specialist.

If you are interested in moving towards cloud hosting, reach out to a cloud hosting provider!