Have you ever seen an error pop up, saying there’s a problem with a site’s security certificate? Wonder what it meant?

Or maybe you have a site of your own and you are considering if it’s necessary to have a security certificate for it.

If you sell things on your website, and even if you don’t, your site may be missing this vital extra layer of security. Lots of website owners don’t know how necessary this encryption technology is or how beneficial it can be to their business.

Read on to find out what a website security certificate is and if your website needs one.

What Is a Security Certificate?

A website security certificate, also known as an SSL certificate, helps to secure your website and customer data.

In simple terms, it’s a type of technology that forms a secure connection between your site visitors’ browsers and your website’s server. This means that information transmitted between the two is protected.

This certificate provides two necessary things.

Firstly, it encrypts sensitive data, such as credit card numbers. It makes sure that this data cannot be corrupted or modified by third parties or any type of malware.

Secondly, it assures your customers that your site and business are trustworthy, including letting them know they are on the right site.

You can check out if your site is secured by looking for the little green lock in your browser’s location bar, as well as the HTTPS in the site’s address.

If your site doesn’t have one, a visitor may get the pop-up indicating that it isn’t a safe place to visit, leading to them clicking out or discarding your site as an unreliable one.

Does My Site Need One?

E-commerce sites absolutely need a security certificate to protect sensitive payment information.

However, even if you don’t sell things on your site, you still need a certificate if your site collects credit card information. This is because without one someone can intercept and steal your customers’ card details.

If your site has any type of login form, a certificate stops an attacker from seeing users’ login names and passwords in clear text.

Customers today are savvier than ever about protecting their credit cards and online security, so make sure you are doing your part to protect the sensitive information they’ve provided you with.

Another benefit is that Google uses the HTTPS indicator to rank sites higher in search results. This is an easy way to boost your site’s visibility, without doing anything extra.

How Do I Get a Website Security Certificate?

So now you have a clear idea of what a website security certificate is, and you need to purchase one.

If you want to know what certificates to get or need more information on them, the best approach to secure your site is to get a trusted company that takes a holistic approach to the security of your business.

Protect your customers and show them you have a trustworthy website by getting a certificate today.

Got any questions? Get in touch.