Do you have a small business, new website or personal blog? Then you should definitely know about shared hosting.

If you want to get online, you need somewhere to host your website.

We’re here to show you how shared hosting could save you bags of time, money and hassle.

Just like when you first flew the nest, shared hosting is a way to share the burden when you’re starting out.

This article is your go-to shared hosting 101. If picking a hosting option is crashing your server, reboot with these simple, easy facts about shared hosting and why it’s great for your business. 

Great, sign me up!

But what is shared hosting and why is it so useful? This quick guide contains everything you need to know.

What is web hosting… do I even need it?

All files have to be saved somewhere, and your website is no different. Think of your site like an image or a word doc you have saved on your computer. Your website needs a hard drive to call home, too. 

Great. I’ll save it on my desktop.

Well in theory, yes, you could. Any computer can connect to the internet and host a site. But in practice, the processing power required is beyond that of the average home computing setup and you will need a more reliable internet connection than basic household broadband can offer. 

But you will need:

And then…

  • To allow incoming traffic to access your website you must weaken your computer’s firewall, leaving you vulnerable to hackers and viruses

Along with your nice new visitors, it’s only a matter of time until you have an unwelcome guest. Even with careful adjustments, your computer is highly susceptible to attacks with increased inbound traffic. Putting your personal information like passwords and credit card information at risk. 

Sites are intended for general public. They must be open for business so you need a strong connection. Your home computer is unlikely to have the capacity for all these visitors, no more than you could accommodate them in your sitting room. 

So, you’ve heard the rumors… But what is shared hosting?

Customers on the server share the space between them. Each website has its own piece of the pie, including resources and storage facilities. 

Think about your first roommate. But less annoying. 

When you first go out on your own, it can be easier to share your digs. You’ll have your own allocated space but with the advantages of sharing the cost and responsibility of running the home.

Yes, there will probably come a time when you will need more space to spread your wings. But this is a great opportunity to develop as an individual and accelerate growth with minimal financial burden to you. Several big players like Go Daddy and Yahoo! started out on shared servers.

Who is shared hosting for?

Shared hosting is ideal for small businesses, personal sites or blogs without huge visitor numbers.

Large companies will require their own servers once they have a high volume of traffic to their site. 

Ok, I understand the basics of shared hosting. Now give me the details.

Resources and facilities on the server are shared between tenant websites. Just like the shared kitchen and shower in your first apartment. This also comes with some great benefits.

Shared hosting sites allow less experienced (or preoccupied!) users to easily manage their site with minimal technical understanding.

Sites like WordPress, for example, have easy to use control panels containing pre-installed apps allowing users to easily edit text widgets, view site statistics and upload images to their site. 

What are the benefits of shared hosting?

  • Cost. You’ll save money by splitting overheads with your virtual roomies.
  • Technophobe friendly. Designed to be simple and easy to use, shared hosting sites have user-friendly interfaces that users can learn to use very quickly. 
  • Security. Because the maintenance and security of your website are all handled for you, you don’t need any knowledge of online security measures to protect your site. Nor do you need to spend time implementing complicated security measures.
  • Support. The host will be run by an experienced webmaster or team of whizz-kids. This host will handle any niggles or issues that arise, so you can concentrate on growing your business.
  • Pre-installed apps. All the important apps and features will already be installed for you. Just like having white goods come with your kitchen. You can move right in!
  • Time to grow. You don’t need to move onto a VPS or dedicated server until you are a big time player. Typically, website’s don’t need to upgrade their server choice until they’re hitting thousands of visits per second. 

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