Technology has been advancing at a greater pace. But are you upgrading? Well, then you need to take a look at how the newest version of WordPress has created a turmoil on the internet with the introduction of the Twenty Seventeen theme.


WordPress has always been among the favorites whenever it comes to design a website. The various tools that the platform provides to the users are remarkable. Most of the websites are created using this platform. The design, layout, and the features of a website are duly recognized as the efficiency of WordPress. But the platform brings to you a much more than that with the launch of the latest version – the WordPress 4.7. The Twenty Seventeen is the default theme of the newest arrival.


Unlike its predecessors, the theme adds more value to the users in many ways. For starters, it is not as usual as the precious themes which were broadly designed for blogs. This new pack in the kitty helps the developer as well as users to customize according to their needs. It can be used for a functional blog, but the intention of creating the theme is more towards the professional end of the uses. The theme is pretty simple to use and has a swift performance. The article sums up all about the Twenty Seventeen theme if you are wondering how the new theme works.


The new Twenty Seventeen theme

The primary intention of bringing in the new Twenty Seventeen theme is focused on serving professionals with a web service of creating useful business websites. The landing page is the most noteworthy part of any website and the Twenty Seventeen theme helps you to achieve that by building an attractive landing page. The features have been distinctively explained in the following sections which will help you get the better edge of the theme.


Header media

The display page has never been better before. With sizeable changes in technology and introduction of innovative design palettes in the backpack, the theme offers the developer to create or embed a customized header for the page. You can add a video header as well for the purpose that imparts a dynamic feature to your page.


You can also link a video link which is otherwise hosted on YouTube. So, now the theme has got rid of the hectic process of downloading the video in the first place and uploading it to the page. It not only saves time but also the memory. It saves digital space of your page requiring less data and enhanced speed. The video will be played silently empowering the visitors to play or pause the video as well.


Front Page

The front page is the place where the impression is made. The Twenty Seventeen theme allows the users; rather developers build an ergonomic interface of the front page which contains content and the featured images. The best part of the featured image is that you can use the full-sized, high-resolution image in a fixed position without compromising with the content. You can also add pages to the section so that you can make the unique selling proposition.



The theme options also allow you to pick a layout as per your requirement or need. The default setting of the theme is the two-column layout. However, you can also select the one-column layout as and when you need. The two-column layout displays page title in one column and the other column houses the page content.



The Twenty Seventeen theme also has a provision for widgets that come in very handy to manage a professional page. In the footer, there are two widget areas. You can add the widgets in the space provided there. There is also a sidebar to house the widgets which you can enable with a push. Once the widgets are enabled, the content will appear in one column. The other portion will be covered by the widgets.



Pullquotes or the blockquote feature is a prime feature which is mostly used in a blog. The feature helps you to draw your readers’ attention to a specific quote or a passage from the entire blog content. It also imparts a visual curiosity to the particular string of words. The Twenty Seventeen theme is so effectively coded that the alignment is automatic with the selected layout design.


Content Options

This is not a regular feature that one may find in the WordPress tool but this innovation has brought a technical hurricane in the world of bloggers. With the content options, you can now switch the display of content to a better excerpt view. So, instead of showing your readers the content, you can now show them a particular excerpt. You can hide the dates, categories, tags, authors, and featured images as well.


So, these are some of the features that the new Twenty Seventeen theme brings to you making the tool a great alternative for both personal and professional purposes.