Many business owners face the problem of storing important data.

However, computers can be quite unreliable, especially when they are not secured properly.

Managed cloud hosting derived from the desire to protect data from hackers or even offline intruders who could simply snatch the hard drive from a computer and leave the building.

Long gone are the days when someone could simply steal a CD with valuable information from your workplace. businesses rarely use CDs, or any physical storage forms for that matter.

Now you can protect your valuable data by storing it in safely with a cloud server.

With cloud hosting, you do not have to worry about a computer going offline. There are several computers in different locations, all of them making sure that if one has issues, the other will keep your data easy to access.

If you want to find out more about how managed cloud hosting can help you and your business, read our the list of 3 reasons why managed cloud hosting makes your life easier.

1. Reliable at any time

The last thing you want is to lose important data because your physical server suddenly decided that it was time to collapse.

This usually leads to delayed projects and sometimes even clients leaving because you cannot get yourself up fast enough.

Cloud management hosting solves this problem by having all the data spread out not only on one physical server but on a network of servers.

If one server goes down, you can count on others inside the network to keep everything alive.

There are cloud platforms that not only have several servers but also several networks server in different locations.

Even if an entire network goes down, another one will keep your data safe.

2. Security

A lot of financial resources are poured into assuring the security of the servers.

It is highly unlikely you would have the same level of resources to keep your network of servers safe from intruders.

Those facilities do their best to keep their servers safe and prevent intruders from causing any damage locally—even if that means security systems that would make James Bond shy away.

3. Changes Made in a Split Second

If your website is suddenly flooded with more visitors than usual and you are limited by your server, your website will go down in no time.

Also, it can take a while until you can add more storage to your physical server. Fortunately, with managed cloud hosting, you can access more storage automatically—and you only pay for the space you are using!

Managed Cloud Hosting and Its Impact on Your Business

In short, managed cloud hosting keeps your data safe and easily accessible without the fear of limited server storage. You no longer have to worry about your website going down when you experience traffic spikes either.

Another benefit is the cost. You only pay for the resources used instead of paying for larger storage that you do not need at the moment.

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