When you’re getting started with your small business, one of the first things you’ll do is create a website. What are the best server options for you?

Every business has different wants and needs when it comes to web hosting, and there’s a host out there to fit everyone!

Read on to find out more about the 5 best web hosting options for small businesses!


DreamHost offers great server hosting that’s wallet-friendly and doesn’t skimp on features.

For the budget-conscious business owner, DreamHost’s services start at $9.95 per month. DreamHost offers WordPress, which means that they have the savvy and know-how to help you build an informative, attractive website.

However, DreamHost doesn’t really provide much in the way of user-friendliness, but don’t let that scare you off!

While DreamHost does have a delay between your registration and the time your account is ready, it makes up for it in features. You can install a ton of plugins to help maximize and build your website.


HostGator is another great, budget-friendly server option for your small business, and it offers you plenty of tools you need to succeed.

Unlike DreamHost, HostGator is more visual, which may mean it’s easier for you to navigate, especially if you don’t have much experience building a website.

HostGator also offers WordPress hosting, making it even easier for you to build your optimal site.

Also, you’re welcome to take advantage of unlimited email, but be warned that HostGator does not provide antivirus or antispam features to go with it.

If you’re looking for uptime, HostGator is great! The server is stable, which means your site will always be up when you need it to be!


GoDaddy is a classic option that you’ve probably already heard of. It’s definitely a solid choice when it comes to server hosting for your small business.

When it comes to Uptime, GoDaddy may be unparalleled. With their 24/7 customer service support, any questions you have can be answered immediately.

While GoDaddy does offer WordPress hosting, the setup can be somewhat intimidating. The email offerings are also not as robust as other options on this list.


For those primarily worried about finances, InMotion web hosting offers a great money-back guarantee. It lasts for 90 days.

The software is also very user-friendly, which is a great pro for anybody who may not have experience building websites.

However, if you’re looking to set up a store, InMotion offers several e-commerce options to help your store succeed!


If you’re unsure or indecisive regarding your web hosting, SiteGround offers a unique approach. Instead of paying month to month, you’re given the option of a one-month trial that comes with a $25.00 setup fee.

SiteGorund also offers WordPress hosting, and it offers security features to keep your website and information safe.

Specifically, it offers a tool called SiteCheck which checks your website to scan for malware.

The best server hosting for your small business

Web hosting isn’t “one size fits all,” and it shouldn’t be. Your businesses needs are different from someone else’s.

However, with so many web hosting options out there, figuring out which one to choose may be intimidating.

Luckily, all these options are great for small businesses! Check them out and get your business out there today!