The key to providing your visitors with a consistent experience on your website is using the right server.

While a shared server can be less expensive, it can also be less reliable. Sharing server space can slow your website down, which drives users way. This is why the best choice for high-traffic websites is a dedicated server.

Once you’ve decided to host your website with a dedicated server, the next step is to choose what kind of dedicated server to use. While many webmasters choose Windows, Linux dedicated servers offer some unique benefits that you should consider.


When choosing the best server for your website, cost shouldn’t be the only consideration. Even so, it’s never a bad thing if you can save money on operational costs.

Unlike Windows, which is licensed through Microsoft, Linux is an open-source operating system. Since Linux does not require licensing fees, it is the less expensive option. This also makes it more affordable to update your operating system when necessary.

So, if your business has a tight budget, a Linux server might be the best option for you. You will be able to customize the service and scale it as your business grows without having to take on additional costs.


The hosting service you choose will have a great impact on your website’s security.

Considering that millions of small businesses are hacked every year, security should be a great concern to your firm. Viruses are designed both to crash your website and to compromise your data, which puts both you and your customers at risk.

Linux servers are designed to protect against viruses, Trojans, malware, and spyware. These servers are also well-built and rarely crash. This helps your site to maximize its uptime and protects you and your customers from data breaches.


Since most users are more familiar with Windows than Linux, they are apprehensive about using Linux. The concern is that productivity will be lost while employees learn the new technology.

While Linux may be unfamiliar, it’s platform is quite user-friendly and easy to learn. Webmasters can easily manage the Linux server from the user-friendly dashboard.

Control and Customization

One of the main reasons a business chooses a dedicated server is to have more control. Since Linux is open source, it provides more options for customization and adaptation. Also, most updates and applications are available to Linux users for free.

These features make Linux servers more scalable. If needed, you can also add additional servers to grow your web space.

Deciding if Linux Dedicated Servers Are Right for You

When it comes to choosing the best dedicated server, there is no one right answer. Rather, some servers work better for specific businesses and their needs. With these benefits in mind, you can decide whether Windows or Linux dedicated servers best suit your needs.

If you would like to learn more about your server options, contact us. We’ll work with you to get you set up with the right server for you.