Social media platforms always keep on bringing new and immersive ideas to make people stick with their apps. With the forever transforming formats and image sizes, you not only go a bit creative with your profile but also figure out new ways to get trending. As the need for high social media presence and appreciation has been noticeably enhancing in the past few years, people always seek a way to try out something new.


However, there are a few amateurs too, who don’t understand how technology or such apps work. Taking our parents for that matter, making them understand that Whatsapp will only take a profile picture with 1:1 ration, and you have to crop or edit it for the same, is extremely painful! Making the task much easier and convincing for you, here we are mentioning the currently updated social media image sizes along with a few details to keep you get going with this high tech world!


So whether you are choosing your profile picture, a cover for the profile or page, shared pictures or any other form of images, getting acquainted with these image dimensions will keep you away from the trauma of getting it cropped or transformed in an uneasy manner.


Social media platforms and the Social media image sizes


Being one of the most versatile and useful application, Facebook has what made the world digitally social. It has got a huge customer base of more than 1.5 billion users, it eventually outshines other similar platforms. Facebook allows you to text, do video and audio conversations while giving huge liberties with pictures. You can post them on stories, on your wall, tag people, put them on your cover and a lot much. Here are the major dimensions of the same-

  • Profile image- less than or equal to 180 x 180
  • Cover image- must be 820 x 312 (the minimum is 400 x 150)
  • Shared link preview image- must be 1200 x 628
  • For Shared post image- it should be1200 x 630
  • Any Event image- requires1920 x 1080



Another platform that created its own unique identity and standard with limiting the conversations or tweets for just 140 words earlier, is that of Twitter. With lesser word count, came highly intellectual ideas and people came up with only that is useful for others. Various celebrities have also been up-to-date on this platform and its conversation count has now been increased to 280 characters. People don’t use much of the images here; however, you can still get a lot of benefits if you do so. The dimensions here are as follows-

  • For Profile image- must be 400 x 400 and maximum size is 2 MB
  • For Header image- must be 1500 x 500 and maximum size is 5 MB
  • For In-stream image must be 440 x 220



When our whole discussion is revolving around social media image sizes, how can we forget this incredible app which is truly based upon pictures and a lot of pictures! The bread and butter of this whole channel are just the visuals whether it be images, videos, gifs or anything else. The additional captions or text content is just to make an add-on to the same. It has got an active user base of more than 700 million which is exceptionally amazing. There are various picture formats that you get to enjoy it here, here is a list of those-

  • Image thumbnail must be 161 x 161
  • Profile image must be 110 x 110
  • Shared videos must be 1080 pixels wide
  • Instagram Stories must be 1080 x 1920 (the minimum goes to 600 x 1067) and the maximum size of 4 GB
  • Shared photos must be 1080 x 1080



Another groundbreaking the app in the list of social media image sizes, is Pinterest which has got the collection of uncountable images, falling under every genre whether it’s dressing, fashion, food, health, fitness, sports, studies, marriage, birthdays and what not! And you might find this interesting, that 90% of the overall posts which are put up on Pinterest contain external links. So this application is definitely good for referral traffic purposes. You can save pictures from a wide range of selections and pin them up in your account under any head that you want. The creative ideas let you discover more options that can be used while creating or purchasing something of your own. Its dimensions are-

  • Profile image must be 165 x 165 and the maximum size of 10 MB
  • Pinned image preview must be 236 pixels wide
  • Board cover image must be 222 x 150 (and the minimum need is 55 x 55)


So, this was all about some of the best social media image sizes, which can truly help you in updating your pictures on the go!