You might think your public cloud server is enough.

Besides, it’s cheap and you are small. So you don’t think it’s much of a security risk using a public server to run your website and store your data.

But the problem with this is the facts don’t back that up.

Small and mid-sized businesses make up about 63% of all cyber attacks.

That means that if you’re leaving yourself vulnerable by using a public server for your website, you might regret that sooner or later.

But beyond just security, using a public server will just slow you down and eventually, you’ll need to upgrade anyway.

There are many reasons to buy a dedicated server for your business. And we’ve got four of them right here for you.

1. Buy Dedicated Server For Speed All The Time

A dedicated server is all yours. You aren’t sharing the power with anybody else.

That’s what a dedicated server is. You are essentially renting a whole server for your company.

This means that when your customers access your website, they will have a fast experience all the way from the top to the bottom.

No more slow loading times. No more slow download speeds. Your server is your Ferrari, and your customers get to take it out for a spin if you so choose.

And really, every second counts when it comes to your bottom line.

And statistics show that the slower the loading speed of your website, the more likely your customers or leads will abandon your website.

2. Buy Dedicated Server For Control And Freedom

With a shared public server, you can’t control what other websites have access to the server or most likely servers you’re using.

You can’t control whether your information is scattered across multiple servers or in one location.

You also can’t control what resources you have access to.

When you buy dedicated server, you have the freedom to choose which resources you use and where your data is stored.

You also know that nobody else has access to the server.

3. A Dedicated Server Gives You Better Value For Your Money

For the money you spend in your business, you want the best quality.

If you can’t get the best quality, you’re losing money.

If you’re considering whether to do an in-house server or a dedicated cloud server, you’re going to find the dedicated cloud server to be of better value.

No more costly repairs to your local server and no costly setup.

4. A Dedicated Server Is Highly Customizable

A dedicated server can be used for so many things. As a way to deploy dedicated virtualization platforms. As a way to foster virtual machines and networks.

If you have run a PC gaming service, you can use a dedicated server to ensure that your players have access all the time. And that they don’t experience any lag.

Buy Dedicated Server Access

You really won’t regret this decision for your business.

It really is an upgrade to get a dedicated server.

If you want to learn more about server and cloud services, contact us. We’ll be glad to help you out.