As a lot of you might be pretty much aware that PHP has always been famous in the world of web-based languages, it is a server side language used for scripting in the web. Earlier, the platform was created for personal usage by Rasmus Lerdorf in the year 1994. However, as it presented ease of usage and simplicity, this grew up into such a language that creates lower barriers for entry, while experiencing both the green programmers as well as experienced ones to utilize it. And now, you won’t feel astonished to know that PHP versions are being used by more than 80% of the people operating on the web.


So eventually, this explains that for all the 8 websites that you visit out of 10, are most likely being worked upon and by PHP versions in any specific way. And therefore, the platform is extremely essential as it is a huge part of the WordPress ecosystem. However, the problem today with most of the programmers, developers, businesses or hosts is that they are eventually lagging behind in the race of supporting latest and updated PHP versions.


Thus, in this article, we will talk about what makes the latest versions so essential, and why should you be on track with the supported ones.

Today, whether it’s an application, program, system or software, regular updates are essential to fix up all the patches, security issues along with the time and bugs problems. For a long period, if the update isn’t adapted, you will definitely lack some of the best features, your program will slow down and the efficiency will get diminished. So, each of the main releases that you get in PHP, now typically provides you a complete support for 2 years and gives immense benefits.


So why should you update the PHP versions?

  • Great security- security concerns being one of the most essential reasons for the same, ensure that you always operate upon such a version which is totally supported and Is also patched frequently for all the security vulnerabilities. You must know that PHP version 5.4 isn’t patched since the year 2015, and similarly, version5 has not been updated with the security feature since the year 2016. However, only in a few cases, you will get to notice that the system vendors allow with updating of older versions. Due to the lack of patching, 2016 turned out as one worst year that leads to uncountable PHP security issues. Thus, the program keeps on going under various improvement and scrutiny and must definitely be updated to the latest PHP versions for adaptation of great security features.


  • Required for better performance- the release of PHP 7.0 as well as 7.2 has set huge benchmarks in terms of performance. This is one of the greatest features that are desired by every user and programmer. When compared with the previous versions, these 2 updates brought in tremendous services and provided great performance in terms of using the tools, speed and a lot more. The PHP versions 7 allow it users, to execute twice the amount of requests every second, then what you get in PHP 5.6. And similarly,2 could do that on a speed that is three times faster than 5.6.


  • Immense support- supports turns out as another major factor that will make you fall in love with the new versions. A lot of times, the creators of all themes and plugins might only bring in support for the older versions to So, a lot of these things happen because of time restrictions and the opportunities to test the compatibility. And so, what happens when you work on older versions is that you don’t get immense support and things will fall apart. When it comes to WordPress and its various threads, people suffer extremely much overtime. Finally updating to PHP versions like 7.0 or 7.2 will definitely assist you in getting rid of all these issues.


  • And finally, new features for all the developers– most of the developers today only like to work upon the latest versions, as they are truly immersive and fast. They keep your work going without interventions and provides some of the amazing features like Null coalesce operator, Anonymous classes, Iterable as well as void returns, Keys usable in lists, Number operators along with malformed numbers, combined up comparison operator, New type hinting, Nullable types, Multi-catch available exception handling, lot of negative string offsets, and finally HTTP/2 server push.


So when you are getting so much in the latest PHP versions, like 7.0 and 7.2 why would anyone ever continue to use the outdated versions? Today, with such wide services, all the latest PHP versions are setting such high standards that no other program could even touch! So if you are one such programmer, host, or business entrepreneur, then going for the updated versions is extremely essential.