When you think of SEO, what do you think of?

Keywords and content, right?

However, did you know that cloud providers can affect your website’s chances of climbing the Google ladder to the coveted first page?

Your host and their location have a much bigger impact on your website’s rankings than you may initially believe. Still not convinced? Read on for 3 reasons to consider making the switch to cloud hosting to boost your SEO.

Page speed

Page speed is an underrated factor in SEO.

While many companies focus on keywords and content (rightfully), if your page doesn’t load quickly on a certain platform, you’re losing traffic and rankings.

Using a cloud provider for your web hosting means your page speed will absolutely increase. This is because online resources are distributed differently, more effectively, and more efficiently. This means that Google particularly will take notice and hopefully boost your ranking up the ladder.

This means that Google particularly will take notice and hopefully boost your ranking up the ladder.

Bot protection

What are bots?

Bots are automated scripts which can take out activities on your website. While they don’t necessarily attack your website, they can – and at the very least, they’re negatively impacting your SEO.

Part of the reason is that certain bots are capable of duplicating your content. As you probably know, Google highly prioritizes original content. If your content is found anywhere else on the Internet, that’s going to negatively affect your website and therefore your business.

A great thing about cloud hosting is that they’ll already have security measures in place to deal with bots and automated scripts.

This keeps your website safe from security threats and fraud while also protecting your content.

Hosting location

You may not think that the location of your host has an impact on your SEO, but it can. It all ties back to page speed. A local host will have a quicker response time than a foreign host.

Additionally, foreign hosts often come with web addresses ending in something different than what people are traditionally used to. In America, “.com” websites rank higher than those with other URL endings.

Cloud hosting comes equipped with servers all over the globe and doesn’t have geo-location footprints. Regardless of what region your website is geared to, cloud hosting will serve the designated region instantly.

Cloud providers are an important aspect of SEO

While cloud providers won’t have a direct impact on your website’s content (that’s all on you or your professional services), they can have an impact on your page speed, which drives certain aspects of your SEO.

If people are clicking off of your website due to its URL extension, it could be an issue with server location.

Both of these can negatively affect your SEO, and cloud hosting can eliminate them with ease.

If you’ve done everything right regarding your business’ SEO and you still aren’t seeing results, your web host could be the final piece of the puzzle. Switch to cloud hosting, and you won’t see those problems anymore.

If you have questions or concerns regarding cloud hosting, feel free to reach out to us.