The instant article is a feature for publishing content just like it is published on an official website for collaborating news and various other content chosen by the publisher. The publisher can choose a particular article as the instant article and then the entire article can be seen by people using facebook app on their mobile which is similar to the articles which get published on the websites. These facebook instant articles load faster and easily on mobile apps and look much better. This platform has given publishers an efficient way to distribute interactive articles and reach out to the maximum audience.


What are instant articles?

The articles which are faster to load and appear on the facebook apps published officially by people to make it reach instantly to people. Few things to know about instant articles are as follows:

  • Major renowned American and British publishers were involved in the first publishing of instant articles.
  • They are really good looking on screen and gives a totally different experience of mobile reading
  • Various brands are involved which makes it a success and gives quality to the content


Facebook instant articles are HTML or Hypertext Markup Language which is the reason behind the high speed of loading. The functionalities and styling are done on the XML markup language.


Facebook instant articles have received more visits than other articles on the news feed. There are chances that once someone opens up an instant article the chances to abandon the article before even reading is comparatively reduced. They are shared more than other web articles on the mobile app. People with slower connections tend to read the instant articles more on the apps.


Import facebook instant articles by :

  • API of Facebook Instant Articles
  • RSS feed
  • By supporting third-party publishing tool such as the WordPress plugin


Benefits of Facebook instant articles

  • It has a better load time in terms of speed which in turn improves the user experience
  • It is shared more as the loading speed is comparatively more
  • The Facebook Audience Network gives access to monetization
  • Page range is boosted
  • The huge facebook base gives a strong base towards your websites
  • The instant articles can be monetized
  • It does not create a post from your page when an article is published
  • The reading speed increases readership
  • We can control the post which has to be published
  • Sign up forms can be created which are linked with the user’s email ID


WordPress is a platform to create our own websites and blogs. The Facebook instant articles can be published on WordPress as well.  Facebook has collaborated with Automatic, which is a parent company of WordPress to create a plugin which can let users of WordPress blog which they can share as facebook instant articles. To enable a Facebook instant articles you need to have a Facebook page for WordPress website, Facebook page app is also required. There should be at least 10 or more articles on your websites. The HTML is passed by Facebook to WordPress. WordPress has several settings which enhance the procedure to deal with publishing the Facebook instant article on WordPress. These settings include style, copyright, right to left publishing, ads, analytics, likes, comments.


How to create instant articles?

Facebook instant articles can be created using plugins and add-ons. Steps to follow if you want to create instant articles:

  • Sign up and join the program by signing to
  • Choose the page on facebook where you want to publish your article
  • Claim a URL for your page which can be created by adding a meta tag to your HTML and then add it to your settings
  • Create articles for publishing. The facebook instant articles can be connected to WordPress using a plugin. It is the most efficient way to publish the articles
  • Publishing tools include tools which aids in the publishing of the instant articles seamlessly these tools include Drupal, tempest, Medium, Atavist and many more on the go.
  • You can also customize the styling by uploading a logo use of various fonts.
  • The article is submitted for review


 Troubleshooting for the instant article publishing

Many errors and warnings may be encountered when articles are being published. The best way to remove these errors is by editing a post and scrolling down the Facebook instant article meta box below the post editor. Transformer rules can be created to deal with these problems.


Facebook Instant articles is a new way of presenting featured articles in an efficient way. It is a good approach for a blogger and publishers as well. Just with the help of the plugins, we can easily convert the articles to facebook instant articles and display it on platforms such as WordPress.