Google fonts involve a collection of 900 libre licensed fonts and are an interactive web directory that helps in browsing the library and also the usage of the fonts with Android. The Google fonts were launched by Google in the year 2010 and were revamped in the year 2011 and 2016. The articles were released with proper licensing and authorization. The library of the fonts is been distributed by the different types of font’s companies and service. The directory of the font enables the discovery and exploration of the font. The service is in trend nowadays and many people use the service by downloading the fonts.


The fonts which are available for downloading include no costs. The popular fonts which are available are roboto, lato, open sans and lobster. If a site is been build it then it is not important that it is always done by a designer but also normal people. They may see it as a challenge when the right fonts have to be used in the project. There are many options from which the choice has to be made and thus it can be done only after knowing the best Google fonts.


The fonts can be combined or a new font can be used for the website or any other project. Google provides the fonts for the web, mobile, and print. The fonts are made in such a way that the combinations create a balance between the website and also make the website more interesting and attractive. There are weird fonts available which may make the content look a little ugly and therefore only the fonts which are trending amongst the others must be used.


There is always a list of the best Google fonts available which would provide a person the best facilities and also prove to be helpful in the making of the content. There are many styles available so that the brand is easily matched according to the need.


Best Google fonts

  • Rimson text and work sans – this is basically a combination of a contemporary and prestigious style that helps in making the website appear a little high-end The crimson text is a font which is inspired by the old styled typefaces for the headlines and the work sans makes a combination of modernity and tradition.
  • Oswald and cardo – it is a high contrast combination that impacts the visitors of the site. It works for the headings and is a classic style for the body.
  • Quicksand – this design is of a sort that helps in the making of the article only in this single font. It has two styles medium one for the headings and the lighter one for the text and the topography is complete just using the single font. It has rounded terminals and it is pleasant and friendly If the font is used with bold colors it provides the modern sharp look to the text and also helps on the modification.
  • Archive black and Judson – this font has a touch of elegance in itself and has a delicate font available for the body of the text. The heavy one is for the headlines and is a unique style in itself.
  • Abril fat face and Roboto – this font makes the font look fashionable and cool. It is a combination of both. This style provides a modern and stylish balance to the text. Roboto basically helps in equating with the abril. There are thin clean curves that give a refined touch to the headline of the text.
  • Archive and open sans – the font is of a different style among many. The font is a bright, shiny and vivid one which makes it a good choice for the brands which need to be portrayed as youthful and cheerful. The archive font is generally used for the headings and the open sans is used for the body of the text.
  • Montserrat and work sans – if any person is searching for the bold, geometric and friendly text then this text proves to be a good choice and also this combination of the two is a good option.
  • Prata and lato – Prato helps in making the typeface look refined and strong so that the headlines are attractive and clear. This blend of the fonts gives the output of elegance for any website.
  • Montserrat and Lora – this combination helps in making of the headlines look both trendy and delicate. This font is also accepted by women to a great extent.
  • Playfair display and chivo – it is one of the best Google fonts available as it uses the italics in its style and thus the text looks exclusive and premium. It displays the strong features of the text.


Thus the fonts are an important part and should be used with all the research.